Hi, my name is Paul. I am a street photographer based in the beautiful country of Luxembourg. I would describe my style as dark and melancholic. Most of the time i am walking though ‘my’ city with a camera in my hand, always ready to capture the best moments of ordinary situation.

I started photography in early 2006 a couple of month before my wife gave birth to the first of my two girls. I bought a DSLR camera to document her early moments. After a year of playing around with my new gear I was given the possibility to join a friend of mine in a studio shooting.

In 2009 I realised that I needed a break from the studio and stopped photography for 1 year. Shooting in a studio became too time consuming and wasn’t really compatible with my new life as a dad. So I had to find something that included people and photography but not in the studio. I discovered Street Photography!

In late 2011 I went out intto the streets of the city of Luxembourg and founded Steet Photography Luxembourg in early 2012.

Throughout the years I read a bunch of book and articles about street photography but I don’t know if I am really inspired by one particular photography from the early years. I tried and i am still trying to find my own style by experimenting with all kind of techniques, from color to black and white, from analog to digital. At the end, black and white is my way to express my feelings and to show my point of view.


Key dates:

2017-2019 – participating as a member of Street Photography Luxembourg in the exhibition “Leit an der Stad” at Letzebuerg City Museum
2017-04 – participating in Luxembourg Street Photography Festival
2016-05 – founding member of Luxembourg Street Photography Festival
2016.12 – Collective exhibition at the Troc’N’Brol 2016 at Rotondes in Luxembourg City
2016.09 – Collective exhibition at the Slide Night 2016 with Street Photography Luxembourg at Rotondes in Luxembourg City
2015.12 – Collective exhibition at the Troc’N’Brol 2015 with Street Photography Luxembourg at Rotondes in Luxembourg City
2015.10 – Organisation of the Slide Night 2015 with Street Photography Luxembourg at Rotondes in Luxembourg City
2015.05 – Collective exhibition with Street Photography Luxembourg at Koll an Aktioun
2015.04 – Collective exhibition with Street Photography Luxembourg at City Concorde
2014.11 – Collective exhibition with Street Photography Luxembourg at Lecuit – photo equipment and more
2014.11 – Collective exhibition with Street Photography Luxembourg at the Lycée de Garçons Esch-sur-Alzette
2014.09 – Collective exhibition with Street Photography Luxembourg at the Kulturfabrik Esch-sur-Alzette
2014.06 – Organisation of the Slide Night 2014 Summer Edition with Street Photography Luxembourg at the Bouneweger Stuff
2013.12 – Organisation of the Slide Night 2013 with Street Photography Luxembourg at the Brigitte